Marino Castellanos

La voz de seda


Marino Castellanos is a Dominican singer, composer and producer, whose main genre is bachata. La Voz de Seda, as he is known as in the artistic world, is one of the most recognized performers of current Amargue music.

Marino Castellanos was born in 1958, in an area called Caobete, located between Guáranas and Pimentel, Duarte province (San Francisco de Macorís). Despite coming from a family of farmers, Marino Castellanos is the only musician among nine siblings. 

Since the beginning, Marino Castellanos has been a soloist. His musical career started with a set of 12 songs, which he showed to Radhamés Aracena from Radio Guarachita in 1984. That same year, he recorded his first album, which included “No me hagas sufrir tanto”, one of the most popular songs of his discography.

Later, Marino Castellanos released various songs that helped him become known worldwide. In 2018, the artist recorded “Voy a romper la cama en dos”, which resulted in an extended tour of the United States that same year.